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about posting, self-limits, stubbornness, and reprogramming

"We haven't posted much in a while; we should post more often." That thought comes and then... we can't post. There's a block... self-built, of course. Why? Maybe now we have too many places to post, and it's overwhelming trying to pick the right one. We get stuck trying to figure out what to say, what's relevant in our life... and then feel selfish, just posting about *our* life instead of responding to others' posts.
And then trying to figure out whose thoughts these are, trying to separate, to put a name to each thought. No. We don't have to do that. We can be a mix, anyone can post and we don't have to say or care whose thoughts we write, post without names, just post.

And because it takes some of us *so long* to write anything we feel is fit for public consumption. Don't care; it's anyone's choice whether to read or not.

So we are posting this to all the sites/boards/groups/places we thought of posting on. We are posting to deprogram ourself from that negative thought-cycle. If we want to post, we can. Break through these self-imposed blocks.

Also maybe it's the word "should" that's causing the block. Stubbornness dictates that if we "should" do something, we won't do it to prove we don't have to. But that's still limiting; instead of doing what we "should", do the opposite.
So we say, no, we don't have to limit ourself like that. If we want to post, then post. Reprogram: replace "we should post", with "let's post".
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